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I was beyond thrilled when Brian Webb asked if he could be a guest contributor for Tirico.net. I have known Brian professionally for several years now and he is, without a doubt, one of the most energetic and brilliant digital marketers I get to work with every day. Please take the time to read this post. Trust me, it's worth it and you will walk away with actions you can take immediately to help improve your social marketing efforts.

Enter Brian...

Sage, Social Media, and Music

Sage Summit big shot

Sage Summit big shot

Ever had a series of conference calls with someone you’ve never met and then comes a day when you actually meet in person?    There’s an instant recognition– a bond that is professional yet friendly -- and over time, your rapport and trust builds and strengthens. Now….imagine a similar scenario but one that actually thrusts you onto a stage under a spotlight in view of thousands of peers – some you know, many you do not.     Now imagine these thousands of peers looking up expectantly at you and anticipating ….what?

Well, what they will be expecting from me (and my Sage Summit band members) in August at Sage Summit 2012 is a rockin' good time.  Imagine (for those that know me personally) how awesome it felt when one of the Sage Partners called to tell me I had been selected as a band member for the Sage Summit 2012 battle of the bands.  I will get to stand on stage with them and perform after only a few hours of practice.  The winning band then gets to perform later in the week LIVE at the Grand Ole Opry in front of 4,000 of their peers.  Very cool.

So, what does this have to do with social media?  The winning band will be chosen by their peers through a series of votes.  QR codes will be scattered about on jumbotrons and messages will flash encouraging attendees to text a code for their choice of best band.  What I have learned through the planning process is that social media, as it can be specifically applied to live events, poses some very different challenges.  Expect me to write more about those challenges in the future.

For now, I think it's safe to say that when I need your vote I can can't on you.  Right?

Real Time is Not Just for Twitter



We are live from the show floor this week at Sage Summit.  Beyond just being an amazing event, a detail caught my eye almost immediately upon arriving.  There are RFID readers littered throughout the show floor and halls.  Their purpose and use is, quite frankly, pretty cool. Any attendee at Sage Summit can go to a session and then provide immediate feedback about the speaker and the content.  Using the RFID tags and computer-based surveys, the Events Team at Sage Summit is able to immediately adjust the next speaking session.  Seriously, that's amazing.  Think about it for a minute.  If you attend a session at Sage Summit and you feel the speaker needs to dive deeper on a particular topic you can use the RFID reader and a computer-based survey to tell the Events Team.  They will reach out to the speaker immediately and make sure things are adjusted for the next session.

Real time iteration of session content based on attendee feedback is a wonderful thing.  Ultimately, it helps to make sure everyone gets the most value out of their time here at Sage Summit.

All Aboard!

AC and Y

AC and Y

Do you think the Space Shuttle astronauts shout, "All aboard!" just before blasting off into space?  It's doubtful but I thought I'd throw it out there. While the space shuttle doesn't hold 3,000 people, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum does!  On Wednesday, July 13th, Sage is hosting an exclusive “Night at the Museum” for its Sage Summit conference attendees.

In the span of 1-hour, an  orchestrated mass move will effectively transfer 3,000 persons from the Gaylord Hotel to the National Air & Space Museum.  How?  The failsafe, old-fashioned way of course:  By locomotive....I mean....space shuttle....no, wait!  By alphabet!    Starting at 6:55 p.m., Sage customers will board and depart the Gaylord at a rate of 400 persons every 10 minutes.  Alpha boarding by firm name in leiu of last name allows those from the same firm to board together rather than splitting them apart.

Communicating the boarding schedule is the key and will be done by print, signs, live announcements, social media, text messaging and by human directional (a.k.a. people standing at important places and pointing).    The trade show will be open throughout the boarding period so customers, partners and exhibitors can continue to network until it’s their turn to board.

Speaking of networking, Sage business partners and Sage employees are exempt from the alpha boarding timelines. They may board at any time they choose so they can accompany their customer for this spectacular evening.    It would be naïve to think this plan will eliminate lines and frustration but we’re certainly doing what we can to steamline....I mean, streamline it!

{image courtesy of LKO Railroad, "A Railroad with Relevance"}

Ride the Wave

ride the wave - sage summit video kiosks

ride the wave - sage summit video kiosks

It's hard to capture the excitement of a live event if the people you are trying to talk to are not there.  The palpable excitement in the air is something we can all recollect from our favorite show, concert or other live event.  Business conferences are no different.  You are exposed to a varied set of great ideas.  Walking away from the event and trying to convey the excitement you felt around a particular idea is all but impossible. Sage Summit 2011 is sure to fill your business brain with lots of exciting ideas.  While a business conference might not be on par with a show from your favorite band (Or is it?  More on the Fire and Ice party later!), this year you will be able to capture your excitement through one of the video kiosks in the main hall.

Walk over to the kiosk (conveniently located near the Twitter feeds on the big screen), push the record button and off you go.  It really is that simple and now you can take your ideas, and your excitement, with you after Sage Summit 2011 is done.