Docx Woes...

Microsoft Office 2007The Microsoft Office team has done a fantastic job in recent years. Their launch of Office 2007 is biggest benchmark for their success. Install rates are high and so is customer satisfaction (wish the Microsoft Vista team could say the same). With the success of Microsoft Office comes that awkward stage in technology when some of us are using Docx files and others are using the tried and true Doc file. What's the difference? Docx files are generated by Office 2007 and Doc files are generated by older versions. This isn't an issue unless you are still running an older version in which case you cannot open Docx files with a handy double-click of the mouse.

Here are your options:

1. Install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 File Formats. Here are the instructions from Microsoft. Good luck with that.

2. Using an online converter. There are plenty of them out there. Here is an example Google search. One that pops to my mind is Zamzar. Clean interface. Quick conversions. Move on with your life.

So, while we sit in technology limbo with half of us using Office 2007 and half of us using an older version of Microsoft Office we will have to deal with file compatibility issues. Make your life easier and use one of the options detailed above if you find yourself in a jam.

Site Modifications...

We made a few changes on CTRL + SHIFT + K today.  Most notably, there is now a Flickr photostream on the right hand side.  But that's not the cool part! Using a jailbroken iPhone (Don't tell Steve, ok?) I have added the Snapture, Capture and iFlickr applications.  Snapture enhances the camera on the phone and provides a few extra features geared towards increasing photo quality.  Capture allows me to take screenshots of anything being displayed on the phone.  Both are easy to use and incredibly handy.  iFlickr allows me to send photos directly to Flickr (and subsequently to the new photostream on the right hand side).

Very nice!  Now....if I could only figure out how to stream live video from my iPhone using Qik.  That would be perfect.

This Is Gooder Than Most Others...

"Search. Ship. Save." I like that. It sounds pretty simple and it is. ShipGooder is another potentially useful tool for eBay powersellers. Me? I hardly ever ship anything so I'm usually pretty confused about the options when the time does come. Seeing everything in one interface with a clear explanation about costs vs. ship time is pretty handy. ShipGooder [link]

Associative Learning...

books2.jpgI've spent some time thinking about how the way I recall information has changed over time. Memorization was the key in my earlier days and after being introduced to the internet my learning habits changed significantly. To me, the internet is one big exercise in associative learning. What am I talking about?

I remember the location of items on the internet and not so much the details of those items. "I read an article about that on the Wall Street Journal site." "They posted about that on LifeHacker the other day." These are common remarks. What did the post or the article say specifically? Good question. I'll need to reference that item again to remember ;)

Here is a useful tip for remembering where you have been on the internet (with the usual privacy caveat, of course):

Use Google Web History Without Installing A Toolbar

And here is a realization that our email inbox is the original social network:

Yahoo's Plan For A Smarter In-Box

Track Shipments Using a Single Source...

Tired of chasing down all of those shipment confirmation emails?

"Your order has been shipped. Your tracking number is 3456234256893462. Please logon to the [Carrier X] website to track this shipment."

Me too! Use Track My Shipments to help streamline your shipment tracking information under one website. I'm thinking that this is an ideal service for all of you eBay power sellers out there.