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August 9th, 1995.  That's really when it all started for me (Remembering Netscape: The Birth Of The Web).  It was on this day that I realized, having had prior experience with Mosaic, that the initial public offering of Netscape was really much larger than the public financial markets.  The internet had finally hit the mainstream and I would never look back.  It was a formative moment for me and it has since guided my professional career. Since that time, I have followed the evolution of the internet first as a developer and now as a marketer.  SEO used to be easy, email marketing was revolutionary and the idea of a computer in everyone's pocket or purse was preposterous.  Does anyone remember the Planet Ocean Newsletter?  Great stuff.  It's been a fun ride and it's not even close to over.

Today, I am the Senior Manager, Advocacy Solutions and Services for Sprout Social. Along with our Bambu product, I help employees of (mostly) large organizations spread the good news about their companies one tweet at a time. This blog? I use it to hash through thoughts and collect feedback on new ideas and emerging marketing trends.  Welcome.

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