3 Ways to Use Facebook as a Small Business Marketing Tool

We now have a platform with over 1.2 BILLION people that allows for an unprecedented level of communication for businesses. So what, right? 

I believe there is a common theme among small businesses when you ask them why they use social media, specifically Facebook, as part of their overall marketing strategy. They want to 1) grow their business (shocking, I know) and 2) are looking to the major social networks as a way to enable said growth.

What likely stops many from really diving in is a simple question. “What?” – What should I post and why would anyone care about it?

It’s a challenging question but there are guideposts that will always steer you in the right direction. Three of those guideposts are detailed below.

1.    Make it authentic.

When your car breaks down, you are faced with a challenge. It’s a complex machine and you need to trust the mechanic that diagnoses your problem. But trust is not something that happens automatically. People trust people, yes. So make your business authentic on Facebook. Make it about your employees and let their personalities shine through. Potential customers will feel more comfortable knowing that John on Facebook (you know, the one that dressed in his favorite Halloween costume in October) is the same John answering phone calls and giving you advice. Your business has a personality and a culture. It comes directly from your employees so show it off!

2. Make it easy.

There is no denying Facebook as a visual medium. If you sell pizza, or jewelry, or any service that can be represented visually then use this to your advantage. Post pictures of your product - scratch that - of customers enjoying your product. Then hit the easy button. What’s the easy button? It’s called a boost. You can boost any post on your Facebook page with just a few dollars. This boost allows you to reach a much larger audience than you normally would. It’s easy to track performance of the boost and it’s easy to set one up.

Facebook has done the targeting and pricing work for you. This easy button is the first place you should star when looking to spend advertising dollars on Facebook. Consider it a starter kit.

3. Make it targeted.

Facebook knows that you are 35 years old, married for 10 years, have 2 children and run a small business focused on bringing more educational tools to your local private schools. Wow. That’s a lot of information. Now turn the tables.

If Facebook knows this about you, how you can you use this type of targeting information to reach your potential customers? The targeting options within the Facebook advertising tools should not be ignored. Learn the basic ad interface and use it to your advantage.

Bakeware audience on Facebook

Do you sell high-end, colorful bakeware for home chefs? You can find prospects on Facebook and target them with very specific messages. They are out there. Trust me. I checked before posting this article and found 6.6 million of them in the US and Canada.

These are just 3 things you should be paying attention to when marketing your small business on Facebook. There are many, many others. I'll write more about this in a few upcoming posts.