As Consumers Gain the Upper Hand... allows you to name an item and then set an alert for significant price drops. This is a great idea but one that is certainly not new. What is new to me is the thought that as mobile devices become more aware about their location (likely through GPS chips) these types of services will become more valuable. Here's a thought: [Begin Automated message from PriceAmbush-like service]

"Hello Dave. You alert for 'Apple iPod Touch' has triggered a result. You are currently at the Mall of America and Radio Shack sells this device for $27 less than the average retail price of $299. This store is located on the first floor near Macy's."

[End Automated message from PriceAmbush-like service]

Interested? You could pop on into Radio Shack and pick up a new gadget. Of course, my specific example would never happen because....

  1. Apple fiercely controls their MSRP.
  2. Radio Shack will never be allowed to carry Apple products if they keep heading in their current direction.

....but you get the point, I'm sure.