Associative Learning...

books2.jpgI've spent some time thinking about how the way I recall information has changed over time. Memorization was the key in my earlier days and after being introduced to the internet my learning habits changed significantly. To me, the internet is one big exercise in associative learning. What am I talking about?

I remember the location of items on the internet and not so much the details of those items. "I read an article about that on the Wall Street Journal site." "They posted about that on LifeHacker the other day." These are common remarks. What did the post or the article say specifically? Good question. I'll need to reference that item again to remember ;)

Here is a useful tip for remembering where you have been on the internet (with the usual privacy caveat, of course):

Use Google Web History Without Installing A Toolbar

And here is a realization that our email inbox is the original social network:

Yahoo's Plan For A Smarter In-Box