Dear Best Buy...

Dear Best Buy, You have a great retail presence. Personally, I'm not sure what I would have done with those wasted hours spent roaming around your stores if you didn't exist. On top of that, you really seem to be headed in the right direction with your corporate culture.

So, riddle me this:

How is it that I walked into a Best Buy store in my area ready to spend an outrageous amount of money on a new, shiny Apple iMac only to find out from a store clerk that "Best Buy carries Apple products but this particular store does not"? I was then referred to a store about 25 minutes away (and near a major metropolitan mall that conveniently has an Apple store).

At this point I am disappointed (instant gratification was the objective of this particular shopping trip) and might as well just buy an iMac from the Apple store since I am headed in that direction.

The takeaway: If you are a major consumer electronics chain lets make sure that the most sought after consumer electronics devices (iPod, iMac, Guitar Hero 3) are actually stocked in your stores.

No harm, no foul in this case. But you have lost my sale to the Apple store at the local mall. In the immortal words of The Dude, "That's a real bummer, man."