Big Brand Social Media Success...

Ford is a company to watch right now.  Their recent Ford Fiesta social media campaign has been a success (pre-orders measure in the thousands).  Their Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager, Scott Monty, has some great things to say about Ford's use of social media as a means of reaching out and talking directly to the customer. 
In this brief interview, Scott talks about the one thing required to get a company headed in the right direction with respect to their social media strategy.



In a recent Marketplace story, Scott talks about some of his initial conversations at Ford regarding the use of Social Media:


[Scott] says it took a while to get the company up to speed. When he first asked Ford's CEO if he'd answer some questions on Twitter his immediate response was: Sure, what's Twitter? 


Filed under, "never thought I was likely to say this".......Good job, Ford.  Keep it up.

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