Did you notice that Bing is at 30% market share?

bing social search

bing social search

I read an article last week about Bing that made me say, “Wow!” No offense to the fine folks at Microsoft working on this product but I don’t often use “wow” and “Bing” in the same sentence. We assume the search engine market was locked up years ago and Google walked away with the top prize.

However, with change comes opportunity and the major search engines are working hard to figure out how best to integrate social signals with traditional search results. There is an opportunity to capture more market share based on how social integration is implemented. Bing is making some progress in this space which seems to eclipse what Google has accomplished to date.

While it has not launched yet, the redesigned Bing is going to include Facebook and Twitter data (among others). This is something that Google is not technically/legally able to do right now. If early adopters take to Bing based on their social integration there may be opportunities for socially savvy companies to capture additional eyeballs.  Based on your overall marketing spend, this could be a factor to consider.

Personally, I'm not happy with the social signals built into Google.  I don't hate it and I'm certainly not part of the cadre of people who have railedagainst it.  I just don't "love it".  I've used the social signals built into Google a few times and face all the normal issues that exist, the most obvious one being that my Google+ Circles are not representative of my real social graph.  "The idea is wonderful.  The execution is poor."