Pros and Cons of Google Chrome...

UPDATE: Since posting this article Google has updated their terms of service for the Google Chrome product. Still not entirely consumer friendly it is *much* better than the original and even carries a Google apology along with the terms of service amendment.

Is it just me or does that new model car on the road make the model only 1 year older look like it has aged decades? You know the feeling. You put down a massive amount of money on a new car and 1 year later the new model comes out. Your car looks completely outdated at that point. I suppose we can chalk the sensation up to good design.

Speaking of which.....I hopped on the Google Chrome bandwagon as soon as it was released. Switching back to Firefox 3.0 gave me that old car sensation. Is Google onto something? I wouldn't say that they have completely changed the landscape but they have created something very useful.

Pros --

  1. Javascript heavy web apps load a heck of a lot faster. Noticeably faster. I mean *really* fast.
  2. The minimalist design is worth mentioning. The amount of screen real estate available for websites is increased without sacrificing necessary browser features.
  3. Desktop shortcuts for your favorite web applications: Similar to Mozilla's Prism offering you are able to create desktop shortcuts for any web app that you frequent. Handy.
  4. The name....Google Chrome. While I may not have tricked out my car, I have tricked out my internet experience.

Cons --

  1. Third party cookie support...ugh. This is the biggest con for me and something that everyone should be paying attention to. Google Chrome allows for third party cookie support out of the box. You are then required to turn this feature off in the options menu if you so desire. My opinion: By default, all browsers should disable third party cookies thereby creating an opt-in solution vs. an opt-out solution. <sarcasm> I wonder if this has anything to do with DoubleClick? </sarcasm>
  2. Privacy. Google Chrome has the potential to leak massive amounts of information about you....the internet user. While nothing catastrophic in the way of an overflow or other attack has been discovered, the potential is there.
  3. As per usual, the Google terms of service is not very consumer friendly.