It breaks my heart, too...

I don't think any of us need an introduction to Scott Monty. One thing you may not know is that he is now with SHIFT Communications. But that's not the point of this post.

I listen to several of the TWiT podcasts on a weekly basis and one of their newer shows, Marketing Mavericks, has caught my attention. Check out this gem from a recent talk with Scott Monty on the show.

It breaks my heart, how many companies have taken social media and have simply used it as another mass marketing, mass advertising platform, instead of using it for what it’s good at.
— Scott Monty, Episode 7 of Marketing Mavericks

So what does Scott suggest? It's basic stuff for many but tends to be forgotten. Use social media the right way.

  • Listen to what your customers actually want.
  • Combined social with email and CRM. Truly provide content that matters to them.
We’re turning a deaf ear to one of the most powerful tools in the history of communications.
— Scott Monty, Episode 7 of Marketing Mavericks

I see this time and time again. The single most common statement that really summarizes the idea that social media is a mass broadcast tool comes in the form of an interaction between a social media manager and the business. 

"Hey - can you put this on Twitter for us?"

That simple business request, while seemingly innocuous, is at the root of the use of social media as a mass broadcast tool instead of a two-way communications medium. And it's not the fault of the business. Those responsible for representing brands in the social space need to do a better job of changing mindsets and encouraging their peers to understand the value of the conversation.