Is $15 Million Not Enough?

music_money.jpgSeriously, I am the only one that finds the current state of the music industry (and the larger entertainment industry) just pathetic? All you hear from the RIAA and MPAA day in and day out is how the internet is just killing their ability to deliver quality entertainment. Here is the latest horrid attempt from NBC president Steve Zucker. He is trying to convince us that earning $15M from the iTunes store in one year on re-purposed content is just not enough. Puh-lease. Napster (circa 2001) was the greatest thing to ever happen to the music industry since Jimi Hendrix. And the RIAA sued Napster out of existence (it still technically exists but you would be hard pressed to find someone that uses it). The RIAA has been suing individuals for stealing music off the internet ever since. Don't get me wrong. Stealing is wrong. BUT....the music industry has done NOTHING to replace the functionality of Napster that was so clearly appealing to their customers. Repeat after me: I PROMISE I WILL LISTEN TO MY CUSTOMERS.

The Takeaway: I could rant about this for hours but, as readers of this site, the message should be clear. Don't ignore your marketplace or, eventually, the marketplace will ignore you.