Oh....you know about that?

personal.pngI received an invitation to register at Naymz the other day. Having never heard of the site I set out to check the usual suspects (TechCrunch) and find out what people are saying about the service. Naymz provides online reputation management services. There's no dirt to report about the company and, generally speaking, there is nothing stellar to say about their service either (at least not yet). It is interesting to note that one of their services will place Google Adwords using your first and last name.

What does any of this matter?

I'll tell you why. Because you are being "googled". (Get your head out of the gutter)

Everyday, even. Someone is heading on out to Google and typing in your name. Maybe it is a business partner or an old friend, or worse yet, a recruiter or hiring manager (Note to all "millenials": Remove your keg stand pictures from Facebook).

So, tell me: When people head out to Google and research your name, what are they finding? Do you know? That is where Naymz comes in. They will actively work to ensure that your name on Google returns relevant, positive results so that your online reputation is as squeaky clean as possible.

Putting some thought into the value of Naymz service I think most of what they are doing is pretty easy to do yourself (hence my "nothing stellar about their service" comment above). However, as the Naymz network grows there will certainly be value in joining. Just give it some time.