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Sage Summit big shot

Sage Summit big shot

Ever had a series of conference calls with someone you’ve never met and then comes a day when you actually meet in person?    There’s an instant recognition– a bond that is professional yet friendly -- and over time, your rapport and trust builds and strengthens. Now….imagine a similar scenario but one that actually thrusts you onto a stage under a spotlight in view of thousands of peers – some you know, many you do not.     Now imagine these thousands of peers looking up expectantly at you and anticipating ….what?

Well, what they will be expecting from me (and my Sage Summit band members) in August at Sage Summit 2012 is a rockin' good time.  Imagine (for those that know me personally) how awesome it felt when one of the Sage Partners called to tell me I had been selected as a band member for the Sage Summit 2012 battle of the bands.  I will get to stand on stage with them and perform after only a few hours of practice.  The winning band then gets to perform later in the week LIVE at the Grand Ole Opry in front of 4,000 of their peers.  Very cool.

So, what does this have to do with social media?  The winning band will be chosen by their peers through a series of votes.  QR codes will be scattered about on jumbotrons and messages will flash encouraging attendees to text a code for their choice of best band.  What I have learned through the planning process is that social media, as it can be specifically applied to live events, poses some very different challenges.  Expect me to write more about those challenges in the future.

For now, I think it's safe to say that when I need your vote I can can't on you.  Right?