All Aboard!

AC and Y

AC and Y

Do you think the Space Shuttle astronauts shout, "All aboard!" just before blasting off into space?  It's doubtful but I thought I'd throw it out there. While the space shuttle doesn't hold 3,000 people, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum does!  On Wednesday, July 13th, Sage is hosting an exclusive “Night at the Museum” for its Sage Summit conference attendees.

In the span of 1-hour, an  orchestrated mass move will effectively transfer 3,000 persons from the Gaylord Hotel to the National Air & Space Museum.  How?  The failsafe, old-fashioned way of course:  By locomotive....I, wait!  By alphabet!    Starting at 6:55 p.m., Sage customers will board and depart the Gaylord at a rate of 400 persons every 10 minutes.  Alpha boarding by firm name in leiu of last name allows those from the same firm to board together rather than splitting them apart.

Communicating the boarding schedule is the key and will be done by print, signs, live announcements, social media, text messaging and by human directional (a.k.a. people standing at important places and pointing).    The trade show will be open throughout the boarding period so customers, partners and exhibitors can continue to network until it’s their turn to board.

Speaking of networking, Sage business partners and Sage employees are exempt from the alpha boarding timelines. They may board at any time they choose so they can accompany their customer for this spectacular evening.    It would be naïve to think this plan will eliminate lines and frustration but we’re certainly doing what we can to steamline....I mean, streamline it!

{image courtesy of LKO Railroad, "A Railroad with Relevance"}