Conference Materials, the 21st Century Welcomes You...

virtual tote bag

virtual tote bag

Do you know what the worst part about attending a conference is for me?  It's all of the printed material.  Seriously.  The reams of paperwork you collect during the conference, on the show floor and during vendor demonstrations piles up after a few days.  You decide not to throw it away and end up packing it in your suitcase for the trip home.  Except it's paper and it's really difficult to find anything of value.  You can't search it or archive it.  Sure, you could scan it all it but why? What do you do with it once you get back to the home office?  You throw it away.  It's nuts.  I know.

Enter a great idea....

Sage Summit 2011 will feature a virtual totebag.  The Virtual Totebag will allow conference attendees to “shop” for product literature, white papers, event materials, during and after the conference.  As an attendee, that's fantastic.

Sage will pre-populate the totebag with relevant materials for registered Summit attendees.  You will also get early access to the materials so you can plan your days (shuttle schedules are included).  Now that's pretty handy.  For Sage Summit 2011 attendess your virtual totebag will be accessible for 30-days post conference as well so you can continually check for new materials as added.  Or if you saw something while at Sage Summit that was of interest, you can return home and browse the Virtual Totebag to get a hold of more information.

Sage has confirmed to me that they are limiting documents on the Virtual Totebag to only Sage product or conference materials.  The Sage Summit Virtual Totebag will be accessible to attendees and customers on June 27th and will be notified by email with details.

I, for one, would like to welcome conference and tradeshow materials to the 21st century.  We've been waiting for you.