Sharepoint - The Rebirth of a Collaborative Environment...

microsoft-office-sharepoint-logo.jpg I have only mentioned Microsoft Sharepoint once on this site. It's an amazing tool and really deserves more attention on CTRL + SHIFT + K.  After participating in a week-long "power users" training session I have a few more comments to make about this technology:

  1. If you ever have the chance to visit Belgium, take it. I was only able to see Brussels but am told that Brugge is an amazing place.
  2. While there might I recommend a fantastic group of folks over at U2U. Kevin is an amazing trainer and I'm pretty sure that he knows what he is talking about.
  3. The new version of Sharepoint has been re-written practically from the ground up. This is version 3 of the product and, historically speaking, when Microsoft really hits their stride.
  4. There is almost no need to engage an IT resource for creating a powerful collaborative environment using Sharepoint. This is a big step forward for knowledge workers. If you can point and click your way through the interface then creating business applications is within your reach. Remember though....I said "almost" no need.

Seeing this product in action and thinking about the possibilities really does show how far we have come. Rapid deployment of sites complete with features such as intense security permissions, business workflow and document management are now all within your "point and click" reach. Take this opportunity and your competitive advantage could be huge.