Small loan pay my iPhone bill

Ugh. A $4800 bill from AT&T was waiting in the mail for Jay Levy after returning from a Mediterranean cruise. Forty.....eight.....hundred.....dollars. Come again? Here's the problem with Apple's "deal with the devil":

Apple is great at creating positive customer experiences (I've said this before). However, the only way to get their iPhone out to market (short of purchasing spectrum from the FCC) was to partner with an existing cell phone provider. Choosing a cell phone provider in the United States is a lot like choosing the lesser of all evils. They all suck. It's just a matter of picking which company sucks the least.

Apple is unable to control the customer experience once AT&T is involved. And this has resulted in stories similar to the one about Jay. As hard as Apple tries, their reputation will take a beating based on their relationship with AT&T. But then again, what were their other options for bringing the iPhone to market???