Search in the Face of Adversity...

Here is a interesting point/counterpoint on whether or not social media will have an impact on search: point.gifPoint: How Social Networking Could Kill Web Search as We Know It

- "Search, as we know it, is dead." - ...the people in your online social network should know you better than a mathematical equation... - ...we are essentially meta-tagging ourselves through our social networking memberships...

This point is an interesting attack on search and how the game is changing. In previous posts I have argued that social search is ultimately Yahoo's strategic bet.

counterpoint1.gifCounterpoint: Finding the Right Signals to Rank Search Results

- "Search has always been about people." - "It's about getting people what they need." - "Signals from your friends are better signals, stronger signals."

All of the quotes from this counterpoint come from Udi Manber, VP for search quality at Google. The message here? Google is paying attention and is well aware of our collective ability to tag information. Ultimately, this can only help Google to deliver better search results....not hurt them.