Information Aggregation: Using RSS Effectively...

There are probably 30-40 key websites that I read on a daily basis. Oh yeah, and I already have a full-time job. The information that these sites provide (collectively) is crucial to shaping my ideas on new and emerging trends. How do I manage to continue to keep up with these sites and not feel overwhelmed? That's the key....not feeling overwhelmed. Enter RSS (really simple syndication). Instead of checking all of these sites on a daily basis I let my RSS reader1 do the hard work for me. Now, information sits in a queue and waits for me to retrieve it. What a great thing. What would probably take an hour (checking 30-40 websites for new information) now takes less than 10 minutes (checking my RSS reader for new posts or stories).

At the bottom of this post is a great Common Craft video that explains the RSS concept. While you're at it, all of Common Craft's videos explain a difficult technology concept in very easy to understand terms.

1RSS Readers that are worth checking out include: Google Reader Bloglines