Why Design Matters...

A well designed site increases conversion rates and ultimately affects sales.  That's nothing new.  I've just spent some time perusing through the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library.  Based on their experience Yahoo! has made a number of key recommendations available regarding how to design important elements of a website.  This is not just a reference library.  This is an enormous source of information for how to pick the right design complete with case studies and even a stencil kit.  Oh yeah...and all of the code is available including CSS files that can be referenced from the Yahoo! servers. Why is this so important?  I'll spell it out for you:

  • Site visitors demand ease of use.  A site that is easy to use is more likely to increase sales.  That's a no-brainer at this point.
  • Search engines demand ease of use.  The equation is a simple one:  A well designed site attracts more visitors...which attracts more links...which attracts a higher ranking in the search engines.  And that's just one example of a key benefit regarding a well designed site.

If you are struggling with the design of a site or the conversion rate of a particular feature than this is the place for you.  Run....don't walk....to the nearest browser tab and pull up this link.